That actually made me feel better after losing my ipod.. But yeah, I went with my buddy Gerardo and met up a few friends at the club; Marcel, Sam, & Henry. We were there from like 10:30PM-2:AM. I drank 2 Red Bulls in the beginning to get energized. It was hella fun that night! I only danced with about four girls but I don’t care I had a good time and experience. The dance I mostly enjoyed was the second one I got, me and Gerardo saw two asian chicks just standing on the side and we just asked them if they wanted to dance with us. They said yeah and grabbed our hands and pulled us over to where other people were dancing. I was dancing with the cuter one hehe and she was just a little shorter than me, which was perfect. But anyways, we were just grinding for like five minutes, then she grabs my hand and led me to the wall and pushed me against it. In the beginning in my mind I was thinking, where’s she taking me and if she still wanted to dance. But then when she got me against the wall I figured what we were about to do. Then in my mind, I was thinking if it was really happening or if I was imagining haha. Thank god I wasn’t imagining ;) Soo yeah, she pushed me against the wall and started to face her back against me and started grinding! She bended over and everything, omg it was soo greaaat. At times I was smiling like an idiot aha. I can honestly say that was the best time of my life lol. All of that lasted about 25 minutes? I was thinking about making out with her but idk, that would be awkward. But yup, best dance I’ve ever gotten. Later on Franchesca(Franky) picked us up and dropped us off, thankful for that. Barely just woke up and I feel hella wasted lmao.

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